Learning to Master PanPastel

Oh, the feeling I get when the "all done" button pops up when I'm working on a  painting or a drawing.  I think I've always looked for the in put of others on anything I do.  Drawing seems to be the one exception.  I draw and paint to please me - and no one else.  It's done when I know it's done.  As I work with PanPastel, I have had some disasters - and a few triumphs as I learn.  That satisfied feeling when I look at one of my drawings and feel that I couldn't have possibly done that is so rewarding for me.

Now, I'm no Rembrandt, Picasso, Michelangelo or (fill in the blank), but I do know when I have done a good job for me.  This is my latest PanPastel creation and I'm quite happy with it.

orange sunset framed matte

The world at large may not care for it ... but I love it.  Which is why I draw and paint to begin with!

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