Changing My 'Look'

So, today I decided to give my site a new "look."  Panpastel has become my favorite

medium to work in - and ACEO'S have my heart.  I'm doing a few 4"x6" lately and will post them as I am able to get them photographed and up.  I'm so amazed at what Pans can do - the softness of the colors and yet the vibrancy that stays with working with them.  Hoping you like the new site.  It is "in progress" so it will gradually transition to the new format.  I'm making more than one gallery of paintings - one of available ACEO's (for sale or trade) and those already placed in collections.  As usual, I'm open to commission work!  This is one of my newer gems.

polar bear for cheryl.jpg

2.5" x 3.5" Pan Pastel on Colourfix

In Private Collection in USA

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