Ballerina's R Us .... sort of  :)

First Recital

It feels as if my world is exploding (happily) with opportunities for me to display my ACEO's.  PanPastel featured me on their facebook page.  I'm going to be in a show in November.  I'm having folks ask me to do paintings for them and one even sold to a gal in Austrailia!  Wow!  Isn't the internet amazing?

This is my newest endeavor.  I'm not even going to list her on ebay as I like her so much.  I had plans for a greeting card line, and the little characters I had created for that just love jumping on to an ACEO card.  Yes ... I know she doesn't have her shoes on ... I should have titled the series "Barefoot Ballerinas."  Lol!

Anyway, off to more painting and more spreading of joy.  Literally and figuratively!

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