New Mixed Media Work! Tag Time!

It has been such a very long time since I’ve posted anything. Actually, since I’ve made anything at all.  But, lately, I’ve been drawn (no pun intended) to mixed media work.  As it’s brand new for me, I’ve not done very well, in my opinion, but it’s starting to come together for me as I watch videos and take classes.  I’m very much enjoying working with Tim Holtz products.  This is one of my latest tags.

Artist reference site with free photos - Nice deal I’d say!

Been a while since I posted, but I found this artist reference site and thought I’d share!

Changing My 'Look'

So, today I decided to give my site a new "look."  Panpastel has become my favorite

medium to work in - and ACEO'S have my heart.  I'm doing a few 4"x6" lately and will post them as I am able to get them photographed and up.  I'm so amazed at what Pans can do - the softness of the colors and yet the vibrancy that stays with working with them.  Hoping you like the new site.  It is "in progress" so it will gradually transition to the new format.  I'm making more than one gallery of paintings - one of available ACEO's (for sale or trade) and those already placed in collections.  As usual, I'm open to commission work!  This is one of my newer gems.

polar bear for cheryl.jpg

2.5" x 3.5" Pan Pastel on Colourfix

In Private Collection in USA

Scratch Art Fun and More

9 9 collage

So long between posts!  I've had a lot of unexpected health issues and have just now gotten back to painting and working toward my show in November.  I've found something new (to me) to play with as I create.  Do you remember doing scratch art in school?  I remember how we'd color a whole paper with crayons and then cover it with black.  Then - scratch away with a pointed tool and those lovely colors would peak through.

Scratch Art has started making ACEO sized- scratch art cards with different backgrounds.  I've found multi-colored, sparkly, gold and silver, and traditional white.  It's a fun change of pace that doesn't take much in the way of materials or space.  

Here are a few of the things I've made recently.  Having so much fun!  

My latest ACEO's

8-11 post collage

PanPastels continue to be a big part of my life right now.  I was blessed to be given a commission for a larger painting.  I was leery of starting on a larger one again.  It all worked out well.  As far as ACEO's, I'm continuing to create them and loving it so.  My goal is to have several hundred by November for the show I'm going to be in ... but they keep selling!  The image above is a collage of some of the more recent ones.  At some point I'll give them their own page, but for now - this is a sample of what my little sponges have been making.  I'd write more - but I want to go paint!   

Ballerina's R Us .... sort of :)

First Recital

It feels as if my world is exploding (happily) with opportunities for me to display my ACEO's.  PanPastel featured me on their facebook page.  I'm going to be in a show in November.  I'm having folks ask me to do paintings for them and one even sold to a gal in Austrailia!  Wow!  Isn't the internet amazing?

This is my newest endeavor.  I'm not even going to list her on ebay as I like her so much.  I had plans for a greeting card line, and the little characters I had created for that just love jumping on to an ACEO card.  Yes ... I know she doesn't have her shoes on ... I should have titled the series "Barefoot Ballerinas."  Lol!

Anyway, off to more painting and more spreading of joy.  Literally and figuratively!

A Few New ACEO's

As I explore my PanPastel palette, I am finding that looking at different parts of our country affords me ample opportunities to use my lovely russet colors!  I'm enjoying learning to work with clouds and scenes that don't have an obvious focal point.  Can't help but love it!

Loving my ACEO's and PanPastel!

Homeward Bound

I am love, love, loving ACEO'S and PanPastel.  It is truly becoming a wonderful obsession.  I'm learning a lot about what people love as well.  I started experimenting with selling on ebay. Dolphins, pandas, and koalas are an almost instant sell!  Who knew?  I'm having fun with experimenting with different styles and subjects and it's just about .... well ... playtime.  I guess I'm not posting here very regularly as I'm at my table painting so much!  

I'll make more of an effort to post, so those of you who have graciously subscribed will find a bit more in your inbox  (reader!).  

I Have Fallen in Love! ... with ACEO's

My love of pan pastel has increased 10-fold.  I was introduced to the world of aceo's a number of years ago.  Little did I realize how compulsive creating this little guys would get until I started using my PanPastels on them.  A lengthy peruse of ebay's aceo category hooked me completely.  I not only want to create them - I want to collect them.

Finding a way to capture the beauty of the colors of these little gems has proven challenging - but I'm working on it.  I've got one up as a test run on ebay, so we'll see what happens.  With 100 Bristol board cards at my disposal - I think I'm gonna be busy for quite a while!  

Learning to Master PanPastel

Oh, the feeling I get when the "all done" button pops up when I'm working on a  painting or a drawing.  I think I've always looked for the in put of others on anything I do.  Drawing seems to be the one exception.  I draw and paint to please me - and no one else.  It's done when I know it's done.  As I work with PanPastel, I have had some disasters - and a few triumphs as I learn.  That satisfied feeling when I look at one of my drawings and feel that I couldn't have possibly done that is so rewarding for me.

Now, I'm no Rembrandt, Picasso, Michelangelo or (fill in the blank), but I do know when I have done a good job for me.  This is my latest PanPastel creation and I'm quite happy with it.

orange sunset framed matte

The world at large may not care for it ... but I love it.  Which is why I draw and paint to begin with!

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